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Joey Casanova '03

Rocking the Free World

Joey Casanova '03 attended Virginia Tech and involved himself with many music related activities, including the VT radio station, recording live school performances, and setting up for concerts  such as 311, the Wailers, and Mike Jones. During Joey’s four years at Virginia Tech he became a master at DJing and producing musical recordings, performing under the name of DJ Casanova.

, he has teamed up with his musical friends in the Atlanta area and started an entertainment company called High Rock Entertainment. The company involves DJing and a professional-sounding studio where he and his partners produce and record their own music.  Currently, they are working on albums with various artists in various genres.  In the future, they aspire to provide the world with music that will inspire, educate, and of course, entertain people. Contact him if you need your a DJ for your next event or would like to pursue your music career in the studio!

To contact Joey: