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Financial Aid 2013-2014

DEADLINE – Friday, March 1
Financial aid is a needs-based program. Each application is looked at on an individual basis and there is no income limitation. Approximately 19% of our students receive financial aid. To apply for financial aid you must fill out an on-line application. All completed applications will be reviewed and award letters will be mailed the first week in April.
Please be aware of the following:
-The maximum financial aid award is 80% of tuition.
-Students who are awarded financial aid must complete work study during school hours. (Work-study takes the place of an elective course. Our graduation requirements are structured so that students on work-study are able to get all credits needed for graduation. Depending on the amount of aid awarded your student is required to work one or two semesters.)
-Financial aid is an ANNUAL award, you must reapply every year and your award amount may change every year based on your current circumstances.
-You must apply on-line at Click on the applicant sign-in button and follow the step-by-step instructions. (FACTS charges a $25 application fee.)
-You must fax your 2012 tax return (all pages and all schedules) and your 2012 W-2/1099 to FACTS at 1-866-315-9264.
-If you have partnership income you will also need to fax your 2012 1065 and Schedule K-1.
-If you have an S-Corp you will also need to fax your 2012 1120S and Schedule K-1.
-Only under extreme circumstances will 2011 tax returns be accepted, this must be pre-approved by the Business Manager.
-Applications are not considered complete and no aid will be awarded until FACTS reviews your tax returns.
-Applications that are complete by the March 1, 2013, deadline will be given priority processing and will receive an award letter on April 5, 2013.
-Applications completed after the deadline will be charged a $50 late fee that will be deducted from your financial aid award. In addition late applications, not due to a job loss/change, may be subject to a $500 reduction in aid per student.
-Applications will continue to be accepted during the summer and school year. These applications will be reviewed once verified by FACTS and if funds are still available they will receive a pro-rated award amount.

If you have any additional questions please contact Monica Chambers, BT business manager.