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Unleash Your Geek - iPods in School?

iPods in School? A new Type of Learning Tool By Brent Hollers

As I sat watching 80’s tech on Modern Marvels (A History Channel show)  I somewhat waxed nostalgic as they went through a number of the gadgets of that decade such as “The Brick” cell phone, Simon, and a number of other equally innovative devices at that time. One particular item stood out to me amongst the others, the walkman. This device started a personal music revolution in the way it made sound portable. Today, many of us use iPods, MP3 players, and the like to listen to books, music, commentary, etc… Interestingly, these devices have also found a use in the classroom.

A number of teachers have begun what is known as Podcasting their lessons and lectures for their students. Podcasting refers to the release of audio files in a chronological format through what is known as web syndication. In other words, the students can get each lesson from the internet as the teacher posts them daily, weekly, monthly, etc… and put them onto their portable digital music device (such as an iPod). This new way of distributing information to students has a number of positive benefits:
•It allows students to review notes
•Allows for greater focus or concentration in class on lecture
•Grants students the ability to catch up on missed lectures or notes
•Helps students review for tests, quizzes, etc..
•Provides are more succinct way of communication in which the teacher can thoughtfully prepare the necessary content for each lesson

While these devices were once just another electronic device which shouldn’t be brought to school and provided a mere distraction to the student, they are now capable of becoming an invaluable tool for students. Also, with the advent of devices which can also play video as well as music, many professors are beginning to do video and audio tutorials and podcasting those as well.

In the spirit of being on the bleeding edge of technology (as we always strive to be at Blessed Trinity), I will be podcasting my video and audio tutorials throughout this semester. Next month, I will provide the information as to how to obtain these tutorials as well as a review of our current progress. Thanks for reading!