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Seniors Visit D.C., Meet First Lady

During the week of January 16-21, 21 Blessed Trinity seniors, along with government teacher, Michael Henry, and English teacher, Allison Roberts, participated in an annual visit to Washington, D.C., with the Close Up Foundation.  

The students participated in debates and mock Congressional meetings and toured many of the major memorials to learn about the history of the country and the workings of the federal government.  During a tour of the White House, the group had the opportunity to meet First Lady Michelle Obama, who was greeting visitors that day - the second anniversary of her husband’s inaguration. The group also met Representative Tom Price (R.- Georgia), who invited them to the Speaker’s Balcony of the Capitol  and were able to visit Arlington National Cemetery, where they paid tribute to 1st Lt. Scott Fleming ‘04, a BT graduate, who was killed in Afghanistan in September 2010.

Planning for the 2012 trip will begin with meetings in late April.  For more information on next year’s trip, please e-mail Michael Henry.

Video of BT group meeting First Lady.