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*Please print out the book tag and inventory forms for all sellers!

HAS will organize drop-off days for books you would like to sell and sale days for the purchase of books for the next school year. Anyone wanting to sell books will mark each book on the front with a form that has the seller’s name and asking price.

HAS volunteers will collect the books and create a file for the selling family. (Of course, only books that will be used for the next school year will be accepted. Other books you can still sell back to MBS Direct.) The volunteers will sort the books by subject and grade. On the sale day, volunteers will assist with the purchasing process and man a check-out station. At this point, the buyer will write a check payable to each family from whom a book was purchased. The volunteers will sort the checks for each family. Seller’s profit checks and any unsold books can be picked up on June 22 after noon until 2pm.

            Book drop-off: Wednesday, June 12: 7-9am
                                    Thursday, June 13: 4-6pm
                                    Friday, June 21: 7-9am
            Book sales:      Friday, June 14, 5-7 pm
                                    Saturday, June 15, 9-11 am
                                    Saturday, June 22, 9-11 am

ISBN numbers are now available.
Students’ course lists will be included with report cards in early June.
Incoming freshmen course lists will also be mailed in early June Available July 8
MBS online book store   Available July 8