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Trinity Press is LIVE!

BT has transitioned to a “fluid” news website which will encompass all the BT news that’s fit to print. The newsletter, as well as the student newspaper, The Titan Times, have combined to bring the BT community information, stories, and other materials traditionally covered in the newsletter/newspaper. 

Trinity Press will carry 12 of the newest articles on the home page with previous articles jumping to the inside categories. Presently, there are ten articles with more to come by the end of the week. 
BT Happenings will carry links to each new story uploaded to the news website so you don't miss out on anything. We do suggest, though, that you bookmark any story that is important to you when you visit Trinity Press.   

It is our hope that you will find the new format comprehensive, informative, more up-to-date and, most importantly, enjoyable.