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John Wachtel Comes Home to BT


In the fall of 2009, BT junior John Wachtel was seriously injured in a horrific car accident. As the doctors told John’s parents his condition was critical, the BT community came together in prayer. Thousands of people stormed the heavens for John’s recovery, and today our school community saw a miracle when John and his family attended the last all-school Mass of this year.  

John addressed the crowd:

Thank you Mr. Moore for letting me speak here today.

Students, I have been among you and I loved going to this school. It was absolutely amazing. I made so many friends at BT, some even friends for life. I got all the best teachers here and they taught me a ton.

Thank you for decorating my house for Christmas, and all of your prayer cards. I am reading all of them – one by one.

Thank you for visiting me in both the hospital and at home.

Thanks for helping me with my medical expenses, and all of the great meals you made for me and my family.

Thanks for supporting me by wearing my t-shirts and bracelets, the white-out basketball game and all of the car painting.

Each one of your prayers made a difference, which is why I am standing here today.

Don’t lose sight of who you are and those that love you. Every day tell your parents you love them, because one day you might not be able to. Have fun and enjoy life, don’t rush through it – take one day at a time. Treat your friends with respect and let them know through your words and actions how special they are to you.

I thank God and all of my friends at BT for seeing me through this, it really touches my heart.

God bless you everyone. I cannot wait to come back to school with you –BT my second home.

A slideshow of John’s visit.