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Humans of Blessed Trinity


Have you heard of Humans of New York? What started out as a photographer’s wish to capture ordinary New Yorkers has turned into something that today resonates with over 12 million fans on Facebook.

If you have yet to hear about HONY there is a terrific interview with the young photographer, Brandon Stanton. Since that interview many exciting and life-changing events have happened to not only Brandon but those he has met. It has truly become a phenomenon.

BT’s online journalism class had been toying with creating its own Humans of Blessed Trinity, when two enthusiastic students, Erin Hogan and Ashley Choo-Hen, put a proposal together and took the reins to get HOBT off the ground. These two, along with editors Emma Erbs and Abbey Palazzo, have been walking the halls of BT with a camera approaching students, faculty, staff and administration.

Usually journalism students would be on the hunt to interview someone who has received an award, participated in the school play, led an athletic team in a victorious outcome or contributed to the Academic Team’s latest win. But Humans of Blessed Trinity is different; the goal is to just have a conversation with others, and listen.

While HOBT has been posted on the school’s FB page for the past week and a half, it has now moved to its own page, Humans of Blessed Trinity. Please visit the page and “like” to meet the Humans of Blessed Trinity!