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Faculty Profiles

Mr. Gilbert Jean-Baptiste

When did you start at BT? 
Fall of 2004. 

You left, but came back. Why? 
I never worked in Corporate America. For that reason I owed myself the opportunity. I went from being a Senior Account Executive to Business Development Manager and a Freelance Web Developer. While I enjoyed the lifestyle and the salary, it took me away from what I liked the most, working with people driven by acquiring knowledge, as opposed to acquiring money. 

What subject/classes do you teach? 
AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, App Development and Motion Media Design. Here is a fun fact, I used to teach Geometry and Algebra when I first started. Miss Hughes and Demarco where some of my favorite students.

What did you do before coming here/where was it? 
I was fortunate enough to become a professional soccer athlete right out of college. I have played in Charleston, Atlanta and traveled the world with the Haitian National Team. After that, I started coaching the Men's and Women's soccer program at Oglethorpe University. At the same time I started my current company, FS Soccer Camps.

Did you go to Catholic high school?
I did not, however I was fortunate to attend a private School named College Francais and Saint Stanislas in High School. They are not Catholic schools, but did offer Catholic classes.

What extracurriculars are you involved with? 
I play soccer with my friends and coach soccer at BT and at a soccer club named UFA. From time to time I attend the BT staff basketball games although I never played the sport growing up. But my geek side takes Front-End development classes online. Fun fact, I have a Certificate from the The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

What is your favorite memory from teaching at BT? 
Easy one, Snowmaggedon. Sportswise, the year we won the first ever State Championship on school ground. That was pretty cool. 


Mr. Greg Johnson

When did you begin teaching at Blessed Trinity?

What subject/classes do you teach?
Honors Algebra II
Advanced Precalculus

What did you do before coming to BT?

Where did you go to school/what is your degree?
Georgia Tech: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Kennesaw State University: Masters of Arts in Teaching Secondary Mathematics

Did you go to Catholic high school? If so, where?
Yes, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School class of 2005

What extracurriculars are you involved with?
Head Coach Boys and Girls Cross Country
Assistant Coach Track

What is your favorite memory from teaching at BT?
Some of my favorite memories include when a former Honors Algebra II or Advanced Precalculus student comes by to tell me that they got accepted into the "greatest institute in the nation", Georgia Tech.