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Changes To School Uniform


Next year we are making several changes in the school uniform and how the uniform pieces are to be purchased. 

The plaid skort is changing to a more contemporary design. The khaki senior skort will remain the same. The oxford shirts for both boys and girls will feature a true sewn monogram with the official BT logo. Next year we will add khaki slacks for girls to the uniform choices. This will be a comfortable option, especially during cold weather. The boys’ pants and girls’ slacks will also have the sewn logo. 

The biggest change is that we are ending our relationship with Buckhead Uniforms and Uniform Source. All uniform purchases will be made through the school store, the Titan Spirit Zone. Eliminating the “middle man” will enable us to provide excellent customer service and keep the cost for all uniform pieces within a dollar of the current pricing, even with the improved logo. 

As we transition to the new uniform, the old plaid skort will be acceptable for one more year. This will be of particular benefit for our current sophomores, since most will change to the khaki skort as seniors and thus remove the need to buy a new skort each of the next two years. Also, the old oxford shirts and pants will be acceptable for all current students for the remainder of their tenure here. 

Important note: The used uniform sale sponsored by Home and School will not sell the old shirts, pants, or plaid skort. 

As we prepare for this transition, on Friday, November 22, students will go to their homerooms after first block so that we can record uniform sizes for our current students. This will give us a good idea of what our initial order from the manufacturer will be for the new uniform pieces.

Frank Moore