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Blessed Trinity Starts 2006-07 School Year with Titan Pride

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School opened its doors to 840 new and returning students on Thursday, August 10. As decades have proven, freshmen arrived apprehensive and excited to start anew; sophomores were happy to just NOT be freshmen; juniors were hopeful the year wouldn’t be too tough; and seniors were seen displaying a distinctive strut and attitude that told all that they are the seniors in the building.

In a successful attempt to help those new to the school become better acquainted with the building and procedures, an Orientation Day was held on Wednesday, August 9, for incoming freshmen and new upperclassmen. During a Welcome Assembly, Principal Frank Moore introduced some faculty and staff members and asked the newest Titans some school trivia. A special 4-page edition of the student-produced newspaper, The Titan Times, was published as an informative and fun edition to familiarize the students with the building layout, fun off-beat facts, BT trends and even a section entitled "The Teachers of BT - Look Out!" Orientation Leaders, along with help from the cheerleading squad, performed a Titans-filled production in the school’s theater.

According to Katie Seggereson, English teacher and Orientation Leaders moderator, the day was a huge success. “All 60 Orientation Leaders did an outstanding job of welcoming BT’s newest family members and showing them the ropes.  A special thanks to Katie Peterson, Katelyn Coombs, and Titan Thunder President Sarah Dowling who created and organized this year’s skit, ‘There’s No Place Like BT!’ ”

To ease students into the new school routine and out of their summer habits, Blessed Trinity held two half-days on August 10 and 11 and started full days on Monday, August 14. An all-school Mass was held on Tuesday, August 15, to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption and the coming together of the BT community.