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A Few Reminders from the Clinic

1. All students are allowed to carry OTC medication such as Tylenol, Advil or Midol in their book bag or purse provided that they are in the original container, and that the student does not share it with anyone else.  The clinic does not administer any OTC medication unless it is provided by the parent with a consent form signed on file.

2. Missing school during high school is difficult and can easily put you behind, but it is important that if your child is running a fever 100° or higher that they be fever free for 24 hours before they return to school.  It is also important that if they have anything contagious i.e.: strep, pinkeye, etc. that your student be on treatment for 24 hrs before returning to school.

3.  Lastly, the school will be offering physicals again this spring, but if your student is going to be having a physical at their doctors send them by the clinic to get a physical form. We have had some doctors taking up to 5 days to complete forms or charging extra to fill out forms after the fact.  Even if your child is not participating in a sport now, they may decide to participate in another GHSA event that requires us to have their physical on these forms.

Have a healthy and safe holiday season.
If you have any questions, please call BT's Clinic at 678-277-9083 ext.522