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Could You Tell Me How to Get to Carnegie Hall?


For one BT freshman, she got there and, not only practiced, but played!

This past summer, Mattie Riordan was able to accomplish a dream held by many artists – she performed at Carnegie Hall. Mattie was nominated for the Honors Performance Series by her band teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School in Marietta, auditioned and was selected to play her cello with the Honors orchestra. Matte, who has played cello for four years, prepared for nine months and then attended a week’s worth of rehearsals in New York.

The Honors Performance Series showcases some of the most talented student-performers from around the world at Carnegie Hall, the acoustically beautiful and historic hall where many great artists and ensembles have performed – it is one of the most prestigious venues in the world for both classical music and popular music. Following her nomination, Mattie submitted Bach’s Minute #2 and her audition was selected. For two days, under the direction of a renowned music conductor, the group rehearse for their final performance in Carnegie Hall. Mattie’s final performance was in the 100-piece Orchestra with other students from around the world.

In between rehearsals, the students were able to see a Broadway play, go bowling and tour NYC, as well as, Carnegie Hall. “My favorite time was with the other instrumentalists,” said Mattie. “I met so many talented musicians.”

Rehearsals were grueling as the passionate music conductor insisted upon perfection. “I had to learn five new songs and we practiced every piece and parts of the music for eight hours each day. But then we got to go bowling, so it was a lot of fun,” she said.

“When I walked out onto the stage,” remembered Mattie, “all I could think about was all of my family in the audience who came to see me play. I was playing with many gifted children in Carnegie Hall!” To honor Mattie’s achievement, 23 members of her extended family came from all over for a family reunion to see her perform.