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Fine Arts

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“Celebrating the Arts with Titan Pride”

Blessed Trinity Fine Arts Association

The Blessed Trinity Fine Arts Association is a group of parents and faculty with a common goal to promote the BTHS Arts community through volunteerism and financial support.  Funds generated through our memberships and activities are used to enrich the Fine Arts Department through curriculum enrichments, instruments, special guests, sets & technical equipment, artwork display, and student scholarships.

The Association meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the chapel board room.  All parents of visual & performing arts students are welcome to attend. 


President Christine McGinnis
Vice-President Betsy Keneally
Treasurer/Membership Nancy Swoish
Secretary Jennifer Wellington
Hospitality Jill Muccio, Natalie Phillips
Concessions Laura Brinsmaid
Tickets Julie Wagner, Donna Hussey
Locker Magnets Valerie Davis
Flowers TBA
Drama/Publicity Liason Lorie O'Neill
Chorus Liason Lee Blumentritt
Dance Liason Kathy Lasseigne
Band Liason Mary Jo DiLonardo
Visual Arts Liason Cheryl O'Brien


Join us in “Celebrating the Arts with Titan Pride!” by becoming a member of our association.  Memberships are sold at all performing arts concerts and events.


NEW this year! You may join online by clicking on the link “Become a Fine Arts Member” from the Fine Arts page. You may also download and print a membership form from the top of this page and send your completed form and check to the school’s front office.

Officers and Board Members pictured above:
Seated, left to right: Nancy Swoish, Kathy Lasseigne, Donna Hussey
Middle Row, left to right: Natalie Phillips, Mary Jo DiLonardo
Standing, left to right: Jennifer Wellington, Jill Muccio, Christine McGinnis, Lorie O’Neill



Archangel: $500+
1. Gold Season Pass for your immediate family (parents and siblings) plus 2 additional tickets to attend all Fine Arts events.
2. Name prominently listed in all production programs and on the BT website.
3. Reserved seating for all Fine Arts events.

Angel: $250-499
1. Gold Season pass for your immediate family (parents and siblings) to attend all BT Fine Arts Events.
2. Prominent listing of your family’s name in all production programs and on the BT website.
3. Priority seating and early admission for all Fine Arts events.

Patron: $125-249
1. Four individual passes to any combination of BT Fine Arts events.
2. Name listed in all production programs and on the BT website.

Sponsor: $50-124
1. Two passes to any BT Fine Arts event.
2. Name listed in all production programs and on the BT website.

Other Donations: $1-49
1. Name listed in all production programs and on the BT website.

2014-2015 Fine Arts Association Members
updated 1/21/15

Bagala/Phillips Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Biggs
Matt and Laura Brinsmaid
Andrea and Patrick Callahan
Bill and Geri Duffin
Eric and Melinda Felice
Cathy and George Genty
The Hargen Family
Mike and Beth Hogan
Norris and Avery Lanius
Christine and Garrard McGinnis
Tom and Lorie O'Neill
Monica and Jim Phillips
Todd and Mary Sheldon
The Spinner Family
Bill and Carol Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Baker, Jr. and Family
The Blumentritt Family
Dan and Adria Buzzard
Leigh and Handly Cameron
Anton and Kathy Duvall
Richard and Monica Franke
Glynn, Brian, and Laura Gamble
Scott and Allie Hill
Stephen and Donna Hussey
Michael and Cathy Lambert
The LaRoss Family
Kathy Lasseigne and Carl Hazenberg
Cass Lievsay
Mr. Joseph Mykyten
Frank and Lisa Palmieri
Jimmy and Claudette Piper
Mr. and Mrs. Julio C. Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Sebaugh
Kathy and Yasuo Shoji
John and Amy Stipancich
Scott and Nancy Swoish
The Varn Family
Dan and Carlene Weis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wellington
Laura and Mark Wetherly


Ron and Robbin Buchanan
Kent and Mary Butler
Steve and Pat Check
Debbie and Derek Denhard
Jim and Lisa Guthrie
Maribeth Lane
Annamarie Lemoine
Clayton and Judith Moore
Betty and Tom Nohl
Paul and Angel Riebock
John and Pamela Tarpley
Robyn R. Thiele

Mike and Jill Baker
The Blatnik Family
The Donovan & DiLonardo Family
Dan and Denise Iassogna
Kelly McCoy
Michael and Laurie Morse
Cheryl and Vincent O'Brien
Pete and Renee Rushton
Cynthia Shah
The Stephen Family
Mike and Kim Weigel

Other Donations