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Facts About St. Thomas Aquinas

   St. Thomas

Aquinas house



Early Life

-Born 1225, Italy

-Became a Dominican friar at age 17.

-Showed great aptitude as a student, studied in Germany, France.

-As a young man, he was called the “dumb ox”, due to his silent ways and large size.


-Named a doctor of theology.

-Best known for writing Summa Theologica, which was essentially a summary of all the tenets of the Catholic faith. It is most well known for its “Five Ways”, which are logical arguments for the existence of God. 

Death and Canonization

-Died in 1274 on the way to a Church meeting, as a result of poor health.

-Investigated for sainthood, and canonized in 1323

-The feast of St. Thomas Aquinas was ranked by Pope Pius V as equal to the feasts of the four Latin fathers of the Church: Ambrose, Augustine, Jerome, and Gregory.

-In the 16th century at the Council of Trent, Summa Theologica was placed alongside the bible upon the altar. 


-St. Thomas Aquinas is a Doctor of the Church.

-He was named the Patron of all Catholic universities and schools by Pope Leo XIII in 1880.

-St. Thomas is also the patron saint of Catholic students. His feast day is celebrated on January 28.

-Also the Patron Saint of:

academics, against lightning, booksellers, learning, philosophers, scholars, theologians, against storms, apologists, chastity, pencil makers, publishers, students, lightning

Fun Facts

-It is estimated that on his travels across Europe, St. Thomas Aquinas walked over 9,000 miles.

-Thomas was over 6 feet tall, heavy and reserved.

-Aquinas was canonized despite the lack of healings, miracles and/or stigmata; a remarkable occurrence.

-“Aquinas" is a Latinized form of his family's Italian name, which reflected their dominion over an area including the county of Aquino.