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e-grades and On-line directory

Parents and student may check grades, attendance, and discipline incidents as well as access an electronic student/parent directory on-line at https://btcatholic.powerschool.com

Information for accessing this system is sent to all families on a yellow sheet of paper as part of the summer mailing (the one including the school calendar, etc.). If you do not have your yellow sheet please send your student name(s) and mailing address to help@btcatholic.org and we will send you another copy of your yellow sheet (we cannot release the information over the phone or via e-mail).

Grades are updated on-line as soon as they are entered into a teacher's gradebook.

Mobile Device App:
An app is available for Android and iOS devices to access our e-grades system - just search the Play Store or App Store for "Powerschool" and download the Pearson PowerSchool for Parents app (links are also included below).

There are a few important notes to keep in mind for the App and Parent Accounts:
  1. When creating your parent account you must enter your Access ID and Access Password exactly as they are shown on your yellow sheet - BOTH values are cAsE sEnSiTiVe and if you do not capitalize upper case letters the system will not recognize your Access ID or Access Password.

  2. You will select your own username and password - this username must be unique on the system and the password must be at least 6 characters. If you ever forget your password a reset link will be sent to the e-mail address you specify.

  3. The Apps will show you future scheduled classes. When viewing your class schedule for an upcoming semester, it is important to remember two things:
    • These future schedules are NOT the final sections, rooms, teachers, or blocks that your student will necessarily have on the final schedule. Schedules are in a constant state of change and nothing should be considered final until the first day of class.
    • Requests for a change of what period that your student takes a class or for a change of teacher of a course cannot be honored, as this would overload classes.
Pearson has created an overview video showing how to create a parent account and add your student (this must be completed before using one of the apps). The video is available below or on YouTube.

If prompted for our school/district code please enter: QKTH (or just search for 'Blessed Trinity')
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