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Summer Scholarship Program


If you are interested in applying for the 2017 Summer Scholarship, please print and fill out the application (attached). Applications are due on May 2, 2017

The 2016 Summer Scholarships were awarded to the following students:

Many students are thrilled to have peaceful, lazy summer days to sleep in, relax and then sleep some more! After a few days there are some who become restless and eager to return to their training and explore experiences outside the classroom and beyond the stage. Blessed Trinity’s Fine Arts Association is happy to reward these focused Fine Arts students and help them make the most of their summer by offering financial scholarships to be applied to summer intensives and/or summer camps. This past summer, seven BT students took advantage of the scholarships and enrichment opportunities.

Kenna Bouknight – Kenna attended the American Academy of Vocal Arts to pursue private voice lessons. Kenna is cast as Velma in the upcoming Theater production, Chicago, and we will certainly get to hear her sing.

Katie Buzzard- I attended “The Dance Awards” Nationals in Orlando, FL in July and competed for the title of Teen Best Dancer as well as took part in a weeklong competition and convention with nationally recognized choreographers and dancers. To be a part of such an elite group was so inspiring and pushed me to work harder. I took classes in jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, lyrical, and competed with my studio in group numbers. Our studio competed for “Studio of the Year” and earned a top 5 placement in the nation. I enjoyed every class that I was able to take, but I must say that one of my favorites was Travis Wall’s. Being able to work with him, even for just a short period of time, was truly inspirational and I took so much away from his class. I am very thankful to the Fine Arts Association for recognizing summer work and for helping me pay for these experiences in Orlando. With their help, I was then able to attend a two week intensive in New York City and have a life-changing experience. I hope to bring some of the choreography I learned to help the BT dance team and Company class with numbers we will set this year.

Abby Connolly - This summer I started a college Fundamentals of Design class on Saturdays that began in July and will finish in September at the Art Institute of Atlanta. In this class I get to work with other students from all around Georgia that have the same interest in design as I do. We get to do different exercises that help develop our fundamentals of design. We also have started designing different garments focusing more on fashion design. In September we will have a show and our work will be critiqued. With the training and experience that I am receiving, I hope that I can help out with costumes this year for the BT theater program.

Leo Guthrie - I attended the pre-college piano program of the Sewanee Summer Music Festival at the University of the South in Tennessee. I received instruction in classical music and performed recitals, including a “four-hand” duet, where I and another pianist played simultaneously on a single piano. Associate Professor Amy Dorfman, who has performed and taught across the U.S. and Europe, served as the program’s director and was amazing. The whole experience helped me to grow in confidence and musical ability and will help me with singing as well as playing. I hope to one day be able to accompany my peers at BT for a choral or musical production. Thank you Fine Arts Association!

Rose Sebaugh - I attended the Atlanta Academy of Ballet and Dance intensive over the summer which was held daily in Kennesaw, GA for 3 weeks from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. It was an incredible learning experience that I feel not only helped me improve my technique and artistry, but also allowed me to explore new and different styles. I was able to train in Graham modern, pas de deux, and 2 very different forms of contemporary. I usually only train in ballet outside of BT, but after attending the summer intensive I signed up for weekly classes in other styles for this year, and I'm really enjoying them! It was definitely an inspiring experience and I'm working harder than ever to continue to improve upon the skills I acquired over the summer. I returned to the Blessed Trinity fine arts and dance programs with more experience and a deeper appreciation and understanding of different dance styles. I am extremely grateful to the Fine Arts Association for giving me this incredible opportunity!

Lili Seeterlin – I attended Steppin’ Out Performance dance intensive. My dance intensive was a weekend full of professionals coming in and teaching us combos. We also did a lot of improve work which is my favorite thing to do. I think I definitely gained a lot of self-confidence from learning to use the choreography they gave us and then worked to make it our own. I really got a lot of inspiration from the choreographers because they were so energetic and full of endurance. Every time something got difficult, I just remembered that I am so thankful to have a body able to be able to move and dance. My energy and new attitude towards dancing will help me work harder on BT dance team and bring the team together so we can all work with 100% effort. Thank you for this opportunity.

Natalie Weis – Over the summer I attended the American Ballet Theater Summer intensive in Winston Salem, North Carolina for four weeks. I learned so much beyond ballet technique. I had the chance to study and learn about the history for a variety of genres of dance. I also had the opportunity to work and improve other dance styles outside of ballet. I took classes in jazz, modern, contemporary, and sometimes had yoga to end the day. There was such a good variety of classes each and every day. Because of ABT, I feel strongly that I definitely improved my dancing, confidence and stage presence. Thank you so much Fine Arts Association!