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January Production - Chicago



Congratulations to the members of our Theatre Production Class for 2016-17 and the cast and crew of CHICAGO!


Velma Kelly            Kenna Bouknight

Roxy Hart                Aline O’Neill

Billy Flynn               Austin Phillips

Mama” Morton        Catie Sheley

Amos Hart              Tommy Blumentritt

Mary Sunshine        Maggie O’Neill

Fred Casely            Sam Naab

Sergeant Fogerty     James Mancini

Liz (Pop)           Lili Seeterlin

Annie (Six)        Rose Sebaugh

June (Squish)           Lauren Piper

Hunyak (Uh-uh)          Isabel Eller

Mona (Lipschitz)          Kate Buzzard

Martin Harrison           Jacob Franke

Kitty          Hunter Lanius

Harry           Jacob Franke

Aaron           Jack Wallace

Judge           Jack Birth

Clerk           Jack Wallace

Master of Ceremonies          Grace Jones

Bandleader           Carolyn Shipley

Announcer           Elizabeth Sheldon

Tailor           Jack Birth

Boy 1           James Mancini

Boy 2           Jack Wallace

Boy 3           Jack Birth

Doctor           Jacob Franke

Bailiff               Sam Naab

Foreman        James Mancini

Reporter 1        Erin McDaniel

Reporter 2       Madison Setchell

Reporter 3        Aidan Foley

Reporter 4        Jack Birth

Reporter 5        Jack Wallace

Reporter 6        Jacob Franke

All cast members will play reporters


Bella Canale (Head Stage Manager)

Elena LaRoss

Andrew Hawkins

Graham Leslie